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Top 5 Living Room Decor Trends

Have you had enough of the boring look in your living room? Trust us, your living room can come to life if you get the decor right. So much so, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be surprised with yourself.

Here are the top 5 decor trends to help you revamp your living room:

1.Bright lighting

All of your decor efforts will go in vain if you don’t get the lighting right. That’s because lighting is the sole factor that highlights the overall styling in your living room. A mix and match of artificial (light bulbs) and natural lighting (sunlight) does a perfect job to taking the style of your living room several notches higher.

If you have large-sized windows in your living room, consider yourself lucky as you can welcome more natural light. Use unicolour drapes and tie them during daytime to allow more natural light. As far as artificial lighting is concerned, use LED light bulbs as they provide bright illumination and are energy efficient.

2.Flower patterns

Flower patterns are the latest trend in the home decor realm. Be it for your drapes or cushion covers, flower patterns are becoming a sensation. You can use this style idea into your living room by simply getting rid of old drapes and cushion covers and replacing them with the new ones that have small flower patterns.

Make sure you mix and match the colours of the drapes and cushion covers. Doing this will add more intrigue to your living room.


Plain, unaccessorised design is a thing of the past as personalised design is the new trend. There are several simple and inexpensive ways to achieve a personalised look in your living room; all you need is a bit of creativity.

One of the simplest ways is to showcase your passion. If you love reading books, flaunt your collection in an antique-looking wooden bookshelf.


Love being simple and natural? Add a natural look in your living room by bringing in indoor plants. Indoor plants come as a great help in embellishing empty corners in your living room.

Have a wooden coffee table with a glass top? Place a small pot of plant on the table to achieve a relaxed look.

5.Vintage wooden furniture

Wooden furniture never go out of style. Vintage wooden furniture is taking the interior decor realm by storm with its comeback. What’s most interesting about wooden furniture is that it contributes a timeless and genuine look. Bring in some good old wooden furniture to add a classy yet authentic look in your living room.

Use plywood from Greenply to design furniture of your choice

Apart from the styling you choose for your wooden furniture, durability and longevity are two other important factors you need to take into consideration. Choosing plywood from Greenply will not only make it easier for you to achieve that furniture look you are going for but also benefit from durability and longer working life.